Thursday, September 22, 2011

My problem child, PETA.

I'm upset about this.

(This=PETA's new porn website aimed to promote animal cruelty awareness)

I could go on about all the reasons this is wrong. Objectifies women, distracts from the true cause (animal rights movement), short-term attention scheme, etc. But the most upsetting thing about this new marketing stunt is the threat of deep division among the animal rights community. The less in unison we are, the less effective our message will be. Period. For lack of better words, this give us all a bad rap. I'm not saying that's fair or right. We all have the right to educate and advocate independently however we'd like. But the fact is, PETA is the most recognizable animal rights voice. We are often associated with their actions (infact, many other organizations use PETA's materials), and consequently, we are labelled as quacks, making our "jobs" harder. We need to be allies in the fight against animal cruelty. But stunts like this mean that more time is being spent on the community arguing instead of coming together with one strong voice to change the minds and hearts of others.

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  1. I absolutely agree. I posted about this a while ago and got a couple of responses trying to convince me I'm wrong and some agreeing. This is very divisive and we do not and the animals do not, need that! Thank you for your post.